A Song or Two

'Your True Worth'
This is one of the first that I did after getting a bunch of new recording software, so it suffers from a slightly more than mild case of 'Kid With A New Toy Syndrome.' Still, I like the way it came out. If'n you got Windows Media Player, G'head, click here! and give it a listen! This one is available for download in MP3 form at Download.com's new music site. This link'll get you there. Check it out, because there's a lot of free music at that site. Free is good...

'I'll Fall Down'
I finally posted the full version of the tune. Needs a little mastering work, so no MP3 yet. Sounds fine as a WMA file though, so go ahead and clickey clickey... Yep, it's another song about a dysfunctional relationship. Big surprise, eh?

'Ivan The Dancing Bear'
A dopey 'lil instrumental. It fall out of my head and go boom. Now it go boom on yours.

By the way, these are all copyrighted through ClounCo's Blasted Bastard Music.


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