Professor Woodchuck's Zombie Emporium!

Yes, The Zombie Emporium is open for biz! Professor Woodchuck, the Autopsy Zombie from the season two premiere of AMC's hit TV show "The Walking Dead," has been immortalized in plasticine by the fine folks at McFarlane Toys. You can pre-order a SIGNED action figure directly from the Professor by clicking here.

The action figure release date is March 27th 2013, and the orders will ship in the first week of April 2013! Sorry, but at this time we can only ship to the United States!

Coming soon to the Zombie Emporium: The Professor Woodchuck CD, Eat Me!!! An EP of zombie themed tunes, and dark love songs about obsession! Signed copies will be available from this site!

The Emporium

Don't forget! Chaz guides 'The Big Zombie' Tour for Atlanta Movie Tours! The tour hits many of the exciting filming locations from season one of 'The Walking Dead,' while hanging out with an actual walker from the show! It's the best way to spend a Saturday in Atlanta!

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